Cubs Section

First a bit of history, in 1916 Baden Powell started the Wolf Cub section for boys who were too young for Scouts. Baden-Powell asked his friend Rudyard Kipling for the use of his Jungle Book story as a motivational frame for the Wolf Cub scheme.

Things have moved on in the Cubs section since then: we now welcome girls, the uniform and badges have changed (multiple times) but we have kept the Jungle Book theme.

The young people are the wolf cubs from the Jungle Book. This makes the leaders the adult animals, so we adopt a name from the book. Akela is the pack leader and during Grand Howl (at the start and end of the night) we promise him we will do our best.

Pack Nights

We meet on Wednesday evenings through out the school term. We ask parents bring the Cubs into the HQ and only leave once they have ensured there are 2 leaders present.

Similarly, at the end please come into the HQ to collect you child. Unless we are specifically told by parents, Cubs will not be allowed to leave without a parent or guardian. We also make announcements at the end and find Cubs are not always the best at relaying messages to parents.


Our current leaders are:

  • Col. Hathi (Dave Moor)
  • Chil (Tessa Aston)

Assisted by:

  • Bagheera (Amelia Kirkbride)
  • Baloo (Kevin Aston)
  • Jules Moor

If your parents are interested in helping you are always welcome. If you want to organise activity on a subject you know, every little helps.


We use Online Scout Manager to help manage the Pack. This allows parents to track badge progress, book places on events and maintain contact and health information.


Our camps and sleepovers are normally Parent free and under canvas (during the summer), if you or your child is not sure about this please speak to us.

If parents want to attend a camp we will need to complete a DBS check. In most cases if you do attend camp your child will still be expected to sleep in a different tent.


Subs are currently £40 per term, the value is set by the group. When you first join make sure your new Cub is happy before rushing to pay.